Haron Kipkorir

Haron Kipkorir

Web Development With Blazor

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I have really been lucky that most if not all the projects I have worked on in 2021 are/were Blazor Server Side projects. It has been really fun writing client-side logic with C#, something that is not possible with MVC, and it's true that Blazor still has a long way to go, considering there are a lot of JavaScript Interop that still needs to be done, but that's probably besides the point.

Unfortunately I have also not interacted with Blazor Web Assembly that much, which is a true client-side single page application that runs entirely on the client with dotnet code unlike the Server Side which works a little bit different. And this is mostly because the development model I have been using try's to avoid having client-side and server-side logic running on different servers, i.e., having two different project for that. This is so because it introduces unnecessary complexity when dealing with authentication especially when it's a simple project.

From my time using Blazor, I find that it has really helped me improve my front-end web development skills. Every day when I work on a project, I get to learn different things that I did not know about Blazor. Sometimes it's even crazy to think of all the features that it already has, considering it is still relatively new. Part of me really hopes that this framework is here for good and that it becomes more widespread.

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